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America is a young Bolivian girl living in London. It is ten in the morning and a collect call from Bolivia will change the course of her day drastically. Her mother has died. She was killed while protesting against the USA's radical antidrug policy in the country. America promises her sister she will take the first plane to La Paz leaving today to be present at the burial tomorrow.
When she hangs up she embarks on a journey full of obstacles that she will have to overcome. She has two problems; the ticket costs £500 but she only has £100, and the plane leaves at 11:30 am. That is in 90 minutes. Her determination to get the money and see her mother for the last time in her life will be stronger than the antagonist elements oppressing her. To board the plane to La Paz will become her American dream. At the end of her journey, America will be determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and show the USA that their repressive policy against the coca leaf is unjustified, even more so when respect for human rights and social welfare is at stake. Coca is not cocaine.


Type of film
Running Time
28 mins
Mini DV
Amancay Tapia Montes 1st Feature
Huascar Tapia
Huascar Tapia
Amancay Tapia
Director of Photography
Alex Walker
Michael Jones
Principal Cast
Sofia Elliot, Matthew Benson, Thea Oxbury, Ysabel Clare, Mark Hamptom, Richard Chowdhary, K.l. Yue, Elba Tapia

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Last updated 7th September 2006

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Victoria Films
Norfolk Mansions
2 Lithos Road
London NW3 6DU

T+44 (0)207 431 6995