British Council Film Collection for Schools

Classroom resources

British Council's Schools Online helps you bring the world into your classroom - and has prepared a range of teaching resources about our Film Collection

Some seventy years have passed since British Council commissioned its extraordinary Collection of short documentary films designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played.

Times have changed dramatically since then and this historic footage provides a treasure trove of materials for teachers to use to engage their pupils and enrich the curriculum.

Our colleagues at Schools Online have created a range of brilliant learning materials and resources to help teachers use the films with their classes. The activities are designed to be adaptable and facilitate dialogue between young people across the world so that together they will come to have a greater understanding of life in the past and present. Each unit contains background information, ideas for discussion, and cross-curricular activities. There are learning outcomes, a list of additional resources and an indication of whether the content is primarily aimed at primary or secondary schools.

The following Collection films have resources available - and there are more planned.

Plus there are two compilation films available with associated resource packs:


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