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Bye Bye Blackbird

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London, early 1900s. Two friends, Josef and Peter, are building a suspension bridge high above the city. Each is fearless, despite the dangers of their situation. Josef, in particular, enjoys the freedom of almost touching the sky, balancing dangerously between life and death. One day, while walking precariously on a girder, Josef turns to speak with his friend - Peter is gone.

Josef is devastated at the loss of his friend and, following Peter's burial, he determines to forge a new life away from the sad memories of him. Spying an advertising poster for Dempsey's Circus, he sees the image of its star, trapeze artist Alice. A beautiful creative with whom he falls in love with instantly, and is determined to meet.

Josef joins Dempsey's Circus doing menial tasks, but has a dream. One day he gets the opportunity to show Lord Dempsey, Alice's father and the circus owner, his vision to appear in an incredible trapeze act with Alice. Dempsey, a rough and unpleasant man, is sceptical, yet recognises the opportunity for his ailing business. Alice, although attracted to Josef, is wary and reticent after a lifetime spent in the circus, but Josef, full of love, only wants to fly with her like two birds. The day comes when Alice and Josef are to perform for the first time. Before an excited and expectant audience, tragedy ensues and Josef is never the same again, yet all is not as it seems. 


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Robinson Savary 1st Feature
David Rogers, Adam Betteridge, Mark Vennis, Gary Philips
David Rogers, Adam Betteridge, Mark Vennis, Gary Philips
Claire Ferguson, Emmanuelle Castro
Patrick Faure, Robinson Savary, Arif Ali-Shah
Director of Photography
Christophe Beaucarne
Mercury Rev
Principal Cast
James Thierree, Derek Jacobi, Izabella Miko


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