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Cheating Nature

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JOSIE loses her lover JAMES in a car accident, and decides to break or bend whatever rules she has to to get him back. Haunted by memories of JAMES, JOSIE uses every means in her power to clone him.

When it looks as though she is failing, her grasp on reality falters and she becomes desperate. But then it seems she has succeeded after all, when she brings home a baby.

But babies just don't arrive from out of the blue, and despite JOSIE'S explanations, her sister, RUTH becomes suspicious. When RUTH reads a baby has been abducted she goes to the police, and despite JOSIE'S protests, the baby is taken away.

Solicitors and therapists try to get the 'truth' from JOSIE, who realises that her only way out is to confess to the abduction, again and again.

Years later JOSIE meets a young student, PAUL, who is uncannily like JAMES and before long they become lovers.

PAUL finds the photographs of JAMES which JOSIE had hidden away. He accuses her of using him to replace her old lover, but realises there is more to the situation than that. Disgusted with JOSIE, he leaves her, despite her protests, once again alone.


Type of film
Running Time
92 mins
Pearl Howie
Pearl Howie
Pearl Howie
Pearl Howie
Director of Photography
Bridget Bove
Principal Cast
Sonya Vine, Alastair Southey, Abigail Blackmore, Jane Thorne, Lily Jan Clark


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Flying Machine Films
22 Keats Close
Mead Park
SW19 1TU

T 020 8543 3635
F 020 8543 3635