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Coastal Village

About the film

A look at daily life in a traditional fishing community is south-west England.


Release year
Stanley Irving
Production company
G-B. Instructional Ltd.
Frank North
Running time (minutes)
10 mins 23 secs
Supervised by
G.J. Cons

Original Description

'A film of a Cornish fishing village. Newlyn Bay, sheltered by headlands, is geographically an ideal place for a fishing community. The houses, sturdily built of Cornish stone, are grouped round the harbour and church. Fishermen go to sea in all weathers. Shots included deep-sea herring fishing in the early autumn.'
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1944-45)


  • Coastal Village once again takes us to the village of Mousehole and the surrounding area; Mousehole features prominently in another Collection film, S.O.S.
  • Coastal Village is a part of the ‘Human Geography’ educational series within the Collection, accompanying Derbyshire Village (aka Upland Settlement), Lowland Village, and Market Town.
  • Most of the boats in film are registered as being based in Penzance — you can tell from the ‘PZ’ on the hulls — but the boat at 05:38 is marked ‘YH’. This means the boat is based in Great Yarnmouth in Norfolk, which is a long way from Cornwall!

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