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County Kilburn

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In the heart of Irish London, beer is thicker than water.

In Kilburn's square mile there are 63 Irish pubs. This comedy is the story of just one.

Mickey, the pub's young barman, is sure that his job is preventing him from 'getting on' in life. So he's returning to Ireland to take up a job with his brother. This, his last week should be the most enjoyable.

Fat chance. The landlord is in hospital, and Mickey is left in charge. The regulars appear on cue, taking the same seats in front of the same drinks at the same time as every other day. If only everything else about them were as predictable.

With their eccentricities, ravings and antics, Mickey's own girl trouble, and the bizarre characters who pass through the pub, it's now shaping up to be the worst week of his life.

But as his last day approaches and the madness reaches its climax, Mickey comes to understand the real people behind the regulars and more importantly, that for all of them the pub represents a home from home - a haven where all their problems can be forgotten. He'd be crazy not to stay.

Lock in. Drink up. Pass out.


Type of film
Running Time
88 mins
35mm Kodak
Elliot Hegarty
Magnus Macintyre
Executive Producer
Magnus Macintyre
Vincenzo De Lecco
Elliot Hegarty
Director of Photography
John Lynch
Martin Kitappa, Paddy Owen
Principal Cast
Ciaran McMenamin, Rick Warden, John Bowe, Georgia McKenzie, Tony Bluto, Simon Sherlock


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Watermark Films in association with Breakneck Films
Contact: N. Heyworth, M. Macintyre
1st Floor
62 Frith Street
London W1V 5TA