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Development of the Rabbit

About the film

Part of the Senior Biology series, 'Development of the Rabbit' is a study of the gestation period of rabbits - aided by diagrammatic, microscopic, and dissection footage.


Release year
Mary Field
Production company
G.B. Instructional
C.C. Hentschel
Running time (minutes)
32 mins 02 secs
Science Films Ltd

Original Description

‘The film shows the simple cell division of the embryo sea urchin, describes the simplest species of egg-laying mammals, and proceeds to the embryology of the rabbit. The development of the embryo in the rabbit is shown by a series of dissections and animated diagrams.’
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1946)


  • This is the only Senior Biology Series film sponsored by the British Council, though they did distribute other films in the series.
  • Four educational films about rabbits were produced in the mid-1940s: the British Council's 'The Life of the Rabbit', and 'Development of the Rabbit', plus G.B. Instructional's 'Wild Rabbits' and 'Rabbits! Rabbits!' - the latter of which was penned by Enid Blyton.

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