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Maria is found in a graveyard, covered in blood and with a human heart in a bag. She begins to tell the police what has happened...

Maria takes us back to an argument between Gary, a successful, working class business man, and his wife Tess, a television producer. Gary has followed Tess to a house where he believes she is sleeping with a writer, Alex. Fuelled by obsessive jealousy, Gary's repressed anger triggers a violent heart attack. He survives but is forced into a wheelchair. Tess takes the opportunity to start a sexually driven passionate affair with Alex.

A desperate Gary still wants to win Tess back and believes a heart transplant can save his marriage. Tragedy offers him hope when a 17 year old, Sean, is killed in a road accident caused by Nicola Farmer, high on cocaine. Sean's mother, Maria, agrees to allow his heart to be transplanted and Gary is the recipient. Tess walks away from the fantastic sex she is having with Alex to be with Gary.

As Gary regains his strength and tries to repair his marriage, Maria is left alone with her grief and her memories.

After confronting Alex and being humiliated at gunpoint, Gary goes looking for the source of the heart that is driving him and he traces Maria. Meeting Gary gives Maria's life meaning again. Gary takes all the information he needs but when he thinks he can walk out of her life Maria proves to be difficult. Tess tries to get rid of Maria but by now Gary trusts Maria more than he trusts Tess.

Desperate to confront Alex, Gary accidentally kills Tess, before murdering Alex and ending his own life.

A distraught Maria takes back Sean's heart from Gary and tries to return it to her son's grave. Caught by the police, she falsely confesses to murdering Gary, Tess and Alex.


Type of film
Running Time
85 mins
35mm Kodak
Charles McDougall
Pippa Cross
Executive Producer
Pippa Cross
Director of Photography
Julian Court
Principal Cast
Christopher Eccleston, Saskia Reeves, Kate Hardie and Bill Paterson
Screen Writer
Jimmy McGovern


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