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New Blood

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Alan White's life is in turmoil. His twelve-year-old daughter, Emma, is dying from heart disease. She needs a transplant and the clock is ticking.

Like any good father, Alan would gladly give his own life to save his daughter's life. Tonight, he's going to get the chance.

Alan also has a son, Danny - who he abandoned seven years ago. With nowhere else to turn, Danny shows up at Alan's doorstep, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Accepting inevitable death, Danny agrees to donate his heart to Emma. But there's a price to be paid - a deal to be struck between father and son.

Danny wants to save his only 'real' family - a pack of petty criminals that he grew up with after Alan left. Danny explains to Alan that the gang got involved with hardcore mobsters and are now in way over their heads. The kidnapping job they were assigned has gone terribly wrong. The kidnap victim, a wealthy businessman, accidentally suffocated in the truck of the getaway car and he was to be brought back alive. Now Danny and the gang have to find someone to pretend to be Williams - someone to replace him, so that the mob will never know what happened. Otherwise, Danny's entire crew will be 'eliminated'.

Danny's proposition is simple. Alan will be the one to replace Williams and fool the mob. Once his crew is safe, Danny will give his heart to Emma.

There's only one problem. The mob plans to kill Williams, whoever he is, once the ransom is paid. How far will a father go to save his daughter?

And so begins the strangest, most terrifying night of Alan's life.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Michael Hurst
Michael Cowan
Executive Producer
Michael Cowan
Michael Doherty
Michael Hurst
Director of Photography
David Pelletier
Jeff Danna
Principal Cast
John Hurt, Nick Moran, Carie-Anne Moss, Shawn Waynes, Joe Pantolanio


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Contact: Michael Cowan / Jason Piette
81 The Promenade
East Sussex BN10 8LS

T 01273 585275
F 01273 585304


Scanbox International / Sky Premiere