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Razor Blade Smile

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Even in 1850, when she was still traditionally 'alive', the beautiful Lilith Silver was a tough, dynamic headstrong lady. During a flintlock pistol duel, fought for her honour by her handsome lover Jack Ryder and the sinister scarred Sir Sethane Blake, Lilith produced a pistol of her own and took a pot shot at Blake. Yet despite inflicting a wound that would have killed a mere mortal, Blake just smiled. Lilith herself was then brutally gunned down. Not allowing his prize to die, Sethane Blake bestowed the dark gift of the vampire to Lilith. Now eternity is her playground! We pick up the story in the present day. Lilith is comfortable in the '90s - she is the most free spirited and outrageous woman you'll ever meet - with a coffin full of weapons in her bedroom! Lilith is keen to educate us about what a vampire really is and we join her in her search for lust, love and new blood.


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
35mm Kodak
Jake West
David West and Jake West
Director of Photography
Jim Solan
Principal Cast
Eileen Daily, Chriss Adamson and David Warbeck
Screen Writer
Jake West


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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Eye Deal Image Productions
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Manga Entertainment/Parlm Picture Productions
40 St Peters Road
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