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The Devil's Feast


Described as an English slacker movie and inspired by the film-making methods of Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Kevin Smith, The Devil's Feast explores issues such as religion, sex, politics and violence as it tells the story of Chloe Mason (Cait Sweeney), a conceptual artist whose latest work, The Devil's Feast, has split the art world in two. Flashbacks reveal what inspired Chloe to produce such a controversial exhibition, introducing the friends and acquaintances that influenced her. The result is part psychological drama, part black comedy that its producers say aims to keep the viewer guessing.

Shot on digital video, the no-budget film follows the format of Mischief Pictures' previous 50min film, 4 Play, which was made two years ago using a non-professional cast, an improvised script and hand-held camera in an attempt to capture the real life rather than the dreaming spires cliche of the town of Oxford. "We shot over about five months with equipment given to us by two production companies," says producer Richard Duriez, who, like director Sharon Woodward, has a background in documentaries."It was incredibly difficult but we wanted to develop our skills at feature film-making. We've met so many film-makers who have got backing to make their first feature and cocked it up so we decided to make sure we knew how before looking for financing."

The Devil's Feast premiered at the Oxford Phoenix Picture House in November 1999 and has just screened at the Portobello Film Festival in August.


Type of film
Sharon Woodward
Sharon Woodward.
Richard Duriez.
Sharon Woodward, Duriez.
Prod des
Cait Sweeney, Duriez.
Main cast
Sweeney, Eloise Coyle, David Cowles, Steve Cullum,Warren Stone, Steven Archibald, Nick Wallice.
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