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The Escapist

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Commercial pilot, Denis Hopkins (Jonny Lee Miller), has everything to live for. His beautiful wife, Valerie, with their first born on the way, a fulfilling and lucrative job as a commercial pilot and an idyllic house by the sea. A vicious break-in, which results in the murder of his pregnant wife, expunges all that. Denis turns his back on what's left of his perfect lifestyle and vows to take revenge on Ricky Barnes, the man responsible for the death of Valerie.

He reinvents himself as a petty criminal, gets caught smashing up a police car and is duly sentenced. Having infiltrated the prison system, Denis goes about his revenge mission with studied, obsessive commitment. But to get to Barnes, Denis must reach Sullen Voe, the highest security prison in the land and to do that he must become a Category A escape risk. Through a series of daring though intentionally flawed escapes, his risk status rises as he is demoted down through the system. With the help of Ron (Gary Lewis), Denis breaks out of the formidable Ulathorn, in order to be caught and sent down to Sullen Voe. Now, only revenge will set the escapist free.

Fast paced and raw, The Escapist is an intelligent and highly charged thriller about an ordinary man pushed beyond his limits, and his instinctive fight to uphold the power of love.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
35mm, Kodak
Gillies MacKinnon
Will Turner, Littlebird
Pia Di Ciaula
Nick Perry
Director of Photography
Nigel Willoughby
Brendan Deasey
Rob Lane
Principal Cast
Jonny Lee Miller, Gary Lewis, Andy Serkis


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