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The Jolly Boys Last Stand

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On September 14th 1997 my best friend Spider completely lost his sense of humour. . . . He decided to get married.

By day, Anthony Dale, is a mild mannered, thrusting young sales executive with a sunny future.

By night, he is "Spider" El Presidente of the Red Lion Pub Jolly Boys Association where women and work are strictly out of bounds.

But Anthony is bored of the jokes and tired of the hangovers so he proposes to Annie, an upwardly mobile girl from out of town and asks best mate Des to be his Best Man.

Anthony knows if he can persuade Des to follow his example and settle down, the rest of the Jolly Boys will surely follow.

But with the prospect of spending the rest of his life playing golf and doing DIY, Des has other ideas . . .


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
35 mm Kodak
Christopher Payne
Tom McCabe
Executive Producer
Tom McCabe
Director of Photography
Will Jacob, Robin Cox
Principal Cast
Andy Serkis, Milo Twomey, Rebecca Craig
Screen Writer
Christopher Payne


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Jolly Productions
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