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A Cat Called Dom

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Will, a frustrated animator, records a message to his mother. He explains “confessionally” that the film he was trying to make with his collaborator, Ainslie Henderson, failed. It was a film that they were making about her, after she contracted mouth cancer 5 years ago.
He explains the purpose of him talking to her now, in a candid way about it, might just be the final closure his Mum and family need. Why did he invent an imaginary cat called DOM who exists only on his computer and begins to get in the way? Needing to move on, the film they shot and animated will now explain what they were trying to do.
The film plays out from Will’s perspective today, a composition of thoughts, images and scenes - reflecting and editing together a letter to his mother. A self-reflective and self-referential film that blurs the lines between fiction and nonfiction. This video message or ‘letter’ to her is a device that guides the film’s narrative. As if being ‘live edited’ the film has a playful urgency, enabling the viewer to authentically experience the journey with Will and the other characters.


Type of film
Running Time
65 min
Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson 1st Feature
Finlay Pretsell, Will Anderson
Will Anderson, Kieran Gosney
Richard Luke

Production status


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Last updated 10th February 2022

Production Company

Parcel of Rogues Ltd
23a Fettes Row
Edinburgh EH3 6RH
+44 (0)7900 810087