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  • Adam James Mawson

    Adam James Mawson

  • Adam James Mawson

    Adam James Mawson

  • Adam James Mawson

    Adam James Mawson


ABDUCTION is a story of Kevin a broken man who lost his son Harvey 5 years ago under mysterious circumstances, along with 5 other children from the same area. Then more recently lost his loving wife Lindsey who had turn to alcohol after the disappearance of their only child. Lindsey had asked Harvey to get some wood from the log storage box from in the garden when he vanished and never forgave herself. Now 2019, Kevin hears a knock on the back door to his shock it's Harvey he looks exactly the same as the night he vanished wearing the same clothes. The other children also appear from where they were last seen and not one of them has any recollection of where they've been for the past 5 years. To him it seems like just a couple of minutes have past. Back in 2014 when the children disappeared a paedophile that had been rehabilitated into the village community without the locals knowledge but when they community finds out they start a witch hunt to find him. The police are under pressure from the local community arrest and charge him with the kidnapping and murders of all the children. Kevin along with the other parents is interviewed and recalls the events of the night Harvey vanished telling the reporter what his wife witnessed that night and to the day she died talked about bright blue lights in the nights sky which nobody believed. The children are returned to their families to try and rebuild their life's in the community of Baildon but strange things start to happen the children display special abilities people start vanishing without a trace.


Type of film
Running Time
15 min 59 sec
Adam James Mawson
Adam James Mawson
Adam James Mawson
Adam James Mawson
Director of Photography
Adam James Mawson
Production Designer
Adam James Mawson
Adam James Mawson
Simon Andrew Stubbs
Principal Cast
Danny Cunningham, Harvey Jack Mawson, Jez Marshall, Lindsey Hill-Mawson

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Adam James Mawson
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