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Absolutely Wasted


Set in modern-day Glasgow, Absolutely Wasted is a dark, character-based comedy that follows Davy, an alcoholic, whom we first encounter as he attempts to clean himself up at the end of a ten-day binge. Determined to prevent himself from continuing on his marathon booze session, he employs desperate measures which lead him into a harrowing predicament.

While tracing the highs and lows of Davy's drunken experiences, the film also introduces us to his manic group of acquaintances, each of whom has been affected by alcohol abuse in different ways.

Walter, the heavy-drinking, Viagra-popping pensioner is trying to recapture his youth, while trying to rebuild his relationships with his sons.

Louise has just given Tam, her one-night stand, the cold shoulder. She does not know why, as she really likes him. Her growing anger at her own impetuosity, fuelled by copious amounts of vodka and wine, lead her into a heap of trouble.

Tam usually restricts any feelings he has for a woman to his penis, but there's something about Louise that has touched his heart.

Angus should be running a sophisticated wine bar in the gay district of London's West End. He's not though. Somehow he has found himself in the less than revered position of landlord of the dilapidated Admiral pub in one of Glasgow's less than salubrious areas.

Eddie has two big problems. His first is that he is a complete moron and his second is that he is the only one on the planet who does not realise this.

What penniless Christie sees he must have, even if it belongs to someone else.


Type of film
Running Time
120 mins
David Lacey 1st Feature
Patrick Tochel
Patrick Tochel
Mark Diamond
David Lacey
Director of Photography
Paul O' Connor
Paul O' Connor
Blootered Films
Principal Cast
Sharon 'Rasher' Rashid-Reilly, Barney Lacey, Laz, Tam Boylan

Production status


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Last updated 29th March 2006

Production Company

Blootered Films