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Age of Descent

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A multi strand story following the lives of five children and their teacher at an average suburban school. It follows the pain, hopes, joy, fear and despair of these six lives as they each travel their own life journeys and cross each other's universes, searching for an understanding of what they're going through and the meaning of their own souls.

Our story begins with news filtering through and the sadly familiar footage of another knife related incident and the loss of yet another life; senselessly taken in a meaningless act of random violence. Jump back three months to the beginning of that term and we pick up and begin to follow the lives of five very different children and their teacher.

We, the audience, follow the story knowing one of the children, whose life we are now privy to, is destined to become the child lost to a statistic and have his or her life stolen far too young and much too soon.

Following the story to its inevitable conclusion, we touch traces of the pain, sorrow, confusion and rage of what we, as a society cannot, and should not, continue to close our eyes to or turn away from.


Type of film
Running Time
120 mins
Katharine Collins
Andy Birmingham
Andy Birmingham
K L Collins
Principal Cast
Leo Gregory, Rik Mayall, Lisa Faulkner, Brendan Patricks, Isaac Ssebandeke, Jennifer Evans, Ralph Ineson, Roland Manookian, Susan Lynch, Billy Murray, Kamal Kaan, Freddie Boath, Joe Egan, Jamie Anderson, David Harewood, Gar

Production status


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Last updated 31st January 2012

Production Company

Wild Frontier Productions Ltd