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Agent Kelly

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Kelly is an assassin, a trained killer and experimental chemist who specialises in poison. She's just turned fifty and has become weary of her lifestyle. Yet the assassin is in her blood - anger and cynicism prevent her from turning her back on killing for money. Especially now. After learning of the brutal rape and murder of her young charge, Sam, Kelly allows an inner rage to take hold and breaks protocol by torturing and killing one of the murderers, leaving his body for the rest of the gang to discover in their warehouse. But the gang is not about to vanish. They are dangerous - organised crime professionals who inhabit Europe's dark underworld - and now it's their turn to seek vengeance. Ignoring desperate phone calls from her superior, Ed, urging her to allow his agency to protect her, Kelly goes on the run and flees to Spain where she attempts to ride out the storm - without success. As her pursuers move ever closer, Kelly needs to draw on radical ingenuity to stay alive, and taps into any opportunity to keep one step ahead of capture and a fate worse than death.


Type of film
Running Time
85 mins
James Smith
Caroline Spence
James Smith
Caroline Spence
Director of Photography
James Smith
Manuel João Costeira Mendes
Frank Rudert
Principal Cast
Caroline Spence, Mia Mills, Eddie Gallego, Chris Sanders

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Last updated 22nd June 2020

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Raya Films