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All The Little Animals


Somewhere in the affluent suburbs of London, young Bobby is a prisoner in his own home - a silent mansion ruled with a rod of iron by his sinister stepfather, Bernard DeWinter. Still suffering from the effects of a car accident when he was young, Bobby will, it seems always be a child in a man's body. But when Bobby's mother dies his life changes forever.

Immediately after the funeral, DeWinter reveals his plans to take over the family business, home and the helpless boy's life. But when Bobby is pushed to sign the papers that would make it possible, he refuses forcing DeWinter to deliver a damning ultimatum. Faced with being institutionalised, Bobby escapes from the darkened house and begins a journey of enlightenment through the English countryside.

A chance lift with a lorry driver who deliberately runs down a fox brings Bobby in contact with a country nomad, Mr Summers. Summers sees himself as a guardian of wildlife, caring for animals in danger and burying animals killed by humans. Bobby happily joins in The Work, finding warmth and quiet words; light and hope, with his strange new friend and tutor.

Bobby's past soon begins to catch up with him and he tells all to Mr Summers who in turn confesses his own dark secrets. The man and boy return to London to confront DeWinter but their plan goes disastrously wrong. After an ugly and violent climax Bobby is once again left to fend for himself. However strengthened by his experiences and finally free of DeWinter, Bobby confidently embraces his new life.


Type of film
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas, Denise O’Dell
Principal Cast
John Hurt, Daniel Benzali and Christian Bale
Screen Writer
Vivien Coughman


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