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All The Way From Over There

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Did you ever have a friend who made a huge impact on your life but you never got to thank them for it? Our story takes the varying points of view of one man who was best friends with everyone he ever met. You were never given the opportunity to be depressed when you were in his company. In turn, his own insecurities led him to never want to be left alone. This is the emotional foundation of our existence; connecting to other people.
The untold story of the anarchic unsung hero of alternative comedy and the man who made it all happen. Malcolm Hardee, a man who had no fear, wanted to be famous and recognised but would always go too far with bizarre stunts that he pulled for attention and so the industry didn’t take him very seriously. After drowning in the River Thames aged 55, an epic funeral was held in his native home in Greenwich, London. Not until everybody was brought together for the last time that they realised the role that he’d played in their lives, and the hole that he’d left behind and that his greatest comedy routine had been his entire life.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Jody VandenBurg, Domenico Favata 1st Feature
Jody VandenBurg, Naomi de Pear
Executive Producer
Paul Provenza
Domenico Favata
Naomi de Pear
Director of Photography
Ossi Jalkanen
James Ian Gray
Principal Cast
Eddie Izzard, Vic Reeves, Jools Holland, Jon Ronson, Harry Enfield, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Damien Hirst
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Far Side Films
Jody VandenBurg
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