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Alex's parents died nearly thirteen years ago when Alex was eleven years old. Since then Alex has been Alone, suffering recurring nightmares that only cease when Alex has a partner. Hence, Alex must have a partner - it will be Alice.

Ill fate and bad luck hound Alex when Alice 'accidentally' falls backwards down the stairs of her home. Matters are made worse when Alex's newest love, Sarah 'accidentally' chokes to death during a romantic dinner. Charlotte now becomes the love of Alex's life until she is comatosed following an 'accidental' collision with an oncoming vehicle.

Alex's eleven year old mind is shattered and the obsessive compulsive visits to the outside world to get drunk. Jackie takes pity on Alex and they return to her apartment to conclude the evening. The television news reveals that Charlotte has regained consciousness, the love of Alex's life is alive and Jackie is in the way!

The unexplained deaths are being investigated by Inspector Hannah and his assistant, Jen, who use Charlotte as bait to draw Alex into their net.

Alex prepares to visit Charlotte in hospital, aware that caution is to be applied to avoid apprehension.

In a tense finale, the paths of Alex and Hannah collide, with only one possible outcome - perhaps!

Alone is a thriller.


Type of film
Running Time
104 mins
35mm Fuji
Philip James Claydon
Andrew Tate, David Ball
Nick Lofting
David Ball, Philip Claydon, John Davies
Director of Photography
Peter Thornton
Steve Cook
Rick Wakeman
Principal Cast
John Shrapnel, Miriam Margolyes, Isabel Brook, Laurel Holloman, Claire Goose, Susan Vidler, Caroline Carver, Claudia Harrison


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