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Among Giants

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Among Giants is a triangular love story played out against a spectacular North of England landscape. Two men's lives are changed forever when a young Australian woman joins their team of painters on a risky and not quite kosher job. Ray has been offered cash-in-hand in exchange for painting the majestic electricity pylons which span the Yorkshire Moors; painting while the power supply is shut down for the summer. He puts together a gang of old mates, whose humour feeds off their deep-seated rivalries and grudges.

Ray and Steve are heading back to Sheffield from the moors when they pick up Gerry, an Australian backpacker and, as they discover in the unlikely environment of a pub, also a climber. Despite being behind schedule, the gang are against the idea of a woman on the job and think Ray has lost his head when Gerry is hired. But he has fallen in love with her and although they seem an unlikely match, Gerry falls for him, too.

Ray proposes marriage to Gerry. Steve and the gang paint a pylon pink (by moonlight) as an engagement present. They all celebrate at a line-dancing club, where Ray's ex-wife Lyn is outraged that Ray would spend money on an expensive ring rather than on clothes for his kids. Feeling trapped, Gerry gets drunk with Steve and bungee jumps off a pylon, to Ray's fury. They argue and break up. Gerry moves in on Steve. Realising it was a mistake, she waits on Ray's doorstep, but he rejects her utterly. She tries to work off her feelings on a free climb, and falls, ending up in hospital.

The summer is drawing to an end, and the job is still not finished. The gang is tired, disgruntled and looking less and less likely to get it done. Steve arrives on site, furious with Ray for Gerry's accident. The power lines start to 'sing', and there is still one person on the pylon.....


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
35mm Kodak
Sam Miller
Jana Edelbaum
Executive Producer
Jana Edelbaum
Director of Photography
Witold Stok
Principal Cast
Pete Postlethwaite and Rachel Griffiths
Screen Writer
Simon Beaufoy


Production status


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Capitol Films
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