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Archangel Ali

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Tara Jasminaz / Pairidaeza Pictures


ARCHANGEL ALI is the story of a boy who only ate fruit for four years. Inspired by Michael Jackson and the desire to leave an overwhelming city life behind, Ali stops bodybuilding and quits his job in finance to begin a radical process of detoxification. A sensory journey into the ups and downs of self-healing, love and individuation.

This film documents the transformative detox journey of Ali Reza, a young man who grew up in Shepherd’s Bush, London. Ali started bodybuilding at the age of 14, graduated from University and went on to start working for Goldman Sachs. A few years later, Ali could no longer ignore his worsening mental health. He decided to look in the mirror and make a radical decision. Following studies into his idol Michael Jackson and on discovering some key YouTube influencers, Ali stopped everything he was doing to become a full-time Fruitarian. Shot across London, Indonesian islands and the equatorial rainforests of Borneo, Ali’s search for tree-ripe fruit is abundant but what else does he encounter along the way? ARCHANGEL ALI is the story of a generation seeking health and harmony in the face of a complex and challenging world.


Type of film
Running Time
67 min
Tara Jasminaz 1st Feature
Tara Jasminaz
Tara Jasminaz
Nigel Manington
Michael Crean
Dan Brown

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Pairidaeza Pictures
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