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Axe Raiders

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Lee Gallagher


The Celts need to seek a new hero to help them fight the raiding Angles.
Fingal, the Celtic hero, betrayed to the Angles led by Aeric The Axe, is murdered. Meanwhile, Roderich, the governor of Strathclyde, preparing to make himself a king by marrying the daughter of the king of Ulster, Langoreth O' Neill, has his own daughter Melangall, a disappointment to him, banished to the farm of a serf in the loch lands.

Fingal's daughter Ethne, with the aide of retainer Domlec, sets off after the Angles to avenge her father and seek help from the Picts. However, the Angles are having their own difficulties - their ship has been stolen by a Friesian merchant Aldric who had been kept captive by Aeric. When the ship is struck and sunk by a loch monster, Aldric and slave girl Hretha determine to have their revenge on Aeric.

To complicate matters, double-dealing Tudwal, the betrayer of Fingal, in exchange for the chance to marry Roderich's daughter Melangall, also sets off to find Aeric and kill him. Roderich, meanwhile, left behind to negotiate his marriage terms, finds himself agreeing that once married to Langoreth and proclaimed king, she will set off to Rome for good with her monk Oran, and be supported by Roderich for the rest of her life.

Finally, Roderich's retainer, Dyfnwal, the gentle giant who Melangall loves, realises that unless he does something to straighten matters out, the country will sink further into ruin.


Type of film
Running Time
102 mins
Robbie Moffat
Robbie Moffat
Robbie Moffat
Douglas Aitken, David Wigram
Robbie Moffat
Director of Photography
Lee Gallagher
Brian Galloway
Chris A. Aitken, Ian Hughes
Principal Cast
Marnie Baxter, Jon Paul Gates, Rachel Rath, Sean Arnold, Rachael Sutherland, Paul Cassidy, Jack St. Clair, Donald Standen, Ian Stirling, Claire Jerath, Mairi Sutherland, Gary Taylor

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Palm Tree Entertainment
Double Lodge
Pinewood Studios
Iver Heath SL0 0NH

T+44 (0)17 5365 6424