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Bank Job

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Bank Job. Big Bang 2 debt explosion. photo credit Graeme Truby.

  • Bank Job. Steve Barnabis.

    Bank Job. Steve Barnabis.


Artist/filmmaker team of Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell set off to understand the world of debt. It turns into a community movement which opens it own bank, produces its own currency and then buys £1 million worth of predatory debts, which are blown up in the shadow of London’s financial district. Filmed over five years, it is a story which takes in debt resisters in the US, leading international economists and a rich cast of people from the filmmakers’ diverse local community. At a time when most people – including politicians – do not understand how money comes into existence this film pulls back the veil on the dark world of debt with wit and insight. As one would expect from the makers of How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire (BFI London Film Festival 2011) the film mischievously plays with the documentary form as the filmmakers move from behind to front of camera, in an entertaining range of character. A film to inform, enrage and inspire.


Type of film
Running Time
88 min
Hilary Powell, Daniel Edelstyn
Hilary Powell, Daniel Edelstyn. Christopher Hird
Executive Producer
Lisa-Marie Russo
Alice Powell
Rob Walker
Jess Braun, Nick Graham Smith, Daniel Edelstyn

Production status


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Production Company

Optimistic Productions
107 Lynmouth Road
London E17 8AG
+44 (0)20 85091533