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Beautiful People

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London, 13th October 1993. The day England are to play Holland in a critical World Cup qualifier. The Bosnian war is at its height, Sebrenica is besieged and the UN are preparing relief airdrops. A Serb (Dado Jehan) and a Croat (Faruk Pruti) meet on a London bus. Recognising each other as fellow refugees from the same village in Bosnia they immediately renew their contact by . . . attempting to beat each other to a pulp. Their subsequent manic chase through the streets of central London sets the scene for the electric comedy of Beautiful People. Jasmin Dizdar's extraordinary debut feature film tracks the interlinked and troubled lives of four British families whose encounters with refugees from the war in former Yugoslavia helps them to see the beauty that exists in their own lives.

Beautiful People unites its disaffected, troubled and eccentric characters in a panoramic portrait of London's melting pot of class and culture and infuses it with a dark comedy which has at its heart a profound understanding that if 'life changes just a little bit in your favour - it can be beautiful'.


Type of film
Running Time
108 mins
35mm Kodak
Jasmin Dizdar
Ben Woolford
Director of Photography
Barry Ackroyd
Principal Cast
Rosalind Ayres, Linda Bassett, Charlotte Coleman, Edin Dzandzanovic, Nicholas Farrell, Julian Firth
Screen Writer
Jasmin Dizdar


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