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Bedrooms and Hallways

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Simon Mein


Bedrooms and Hallways is a sparkling comedy of contemporary manners set in London. The action stems from the mis-adventures of two flatmates - Leo a reserved witty artisan who is secretly desperate for love and Darren a man with an extrovert personality hooked on dangerous liaisons.

While Darren pursues his erotic encounters in various properties being sold by the seemingly conservative estate agent, Jeremy; Leo confides in his boss Adam, who persuades him to attend his weekly 'new-man' group therapy sessions held in a bizarrely minimalistic house in Kensington.

Despite his initial reservations, Leo finds himself drawn into this quirky men's group - primarily because of the presence of the dishy Irish baker Brendan, currently in the throes of a trial separation with his girlfriend Sally, the mother of their child Rachel.

The New Age men's group is run by the well intentioned Keith in the ridiculously elaborately themed rooms within his home. Affectionate friction between him and his wife Sybil, a dedicated therapist running her own women's group, is evident by their conflicting bookings for the "Moroccan Room" (complete with honesty stone), "Eskimo Room" (equipped with harpoon) and the "Zen Room", an apparent haven of peace until interrupted by the primeval re-birthing experiences undergone by the men's group downstairs!

Leo surprises everyone in the group, including himself, when he confesses his attraction to Brendan. Little does he realise the impact his remarks will have on everyone within his orbit.


Type of film
Running Time
96 mins
35mm Kodak
Rose Troche
Ceci Dempsey, Dorothy Berwin
Director of Photography
Ashley Rowe BSc
Principal Cast
Kevin McKidd, Simon Callow, Jennifer Ehle, Harriet Walter, Hugo Weaving, Tom Hollander, James Purefoy
Screen Writer
Robert Farrar


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