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Between Two Women

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A Yorkshire milltown in 1957. Ellen Hardy is unhappily married but is close to her ten year old son, Victor. The family has recently moved house and Victor has started at a new school where Ellen has become friendly with his teacher, Kathy Thompson, who is keen to encourage him at art.
As the friendship between the two women grows, Ellen's millworker husband, Hardy, feels increasingly alienated at home. Meanwhile, Ellen's sister Alice emigrates to Australia to start a new life and soon the Hardys go on a disastrous seaside holiday.
Will Ellen - torn between her duties as a wife and mother and a fear of admitting her feelings for Kathy - also have the courage to break free emotionally and follow her destiny when she returns home?
A homage to classic British films such as Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and This Sporting Life, Between Two Women is the first feature from North Country Pictures - committed to bringing to an international audience top quality stories that reflect the history, culture, and literature of the Pennine region past, present, and even future.
"A poignant, refreshingly contemporary tale of love across the class barrier" - Radio Times.
"The script, acting, and directing are top notch. If this film had been produced in Hollywood,  it would be synonymous with the word Oscar" - Toronto Free Press.
"The bleak industrial cities in the north of England have been the settings of many a gritty drama. With Between Two Women writer-director Steven Woodcock has made a notably lyrical film amid a grim setting" - Los Angeles Times.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
35mm, Fuji
Steven Woodcock
Julie Woodcock
Executive Producer
Julie Woodcock
Steve Woffenden, David Aspinall, Heidi Steine
Steven Woodcock
Director of Photography
Gordon Hickie BSC
Michael Hammer
Principal Cast
Barbara Marten, Andrew Dunn, Andrina Carroll, Edward Woodcock, Paul Shane, Frank Windsor, Bruce Alexander, Julie Deakin, Duggie Brown


Production status


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