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Bollywood Queen

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Geena and Jay are star-crossed young lovers from opposite sides of the East London racial divide. Geena is second generation British Asian, born of a Gujurati family. Jay is small town, white and working class.

Fresh from leaving school in the West Country, 18 year old Jay joins his elder brother Darren in London, working alongside him in the East End clothing business. In between humping garments from sweat shop to market place, Jay sets his dreams to music on his guitar.

Geena is also through with school, and starts her business studies course in the autumn. Meanwhile she must earn her keep in the family firm, which imports material and sarees from India. Chafing against an over-protective home life and its strict ideas about a woman's place, Geena escapes as she always has; into Bollywood-tinged fantasies.

When Geena has her fortune told by a jyotish astrologer, she is shocked to be told she's in love. Surely not with the ambitious computer wizz, Dillip, whose BMW she sometimes shares? Or one of the clammy-handed conformists paraded by her parents at innumerable family functions as possible suitors? Then she bumps into Jay, and Cupid's dart pierces both their hearts. Once they have shared the first secretive 'karma-kiss', their worlds become inextricably tangled.

But true love never runs smoothly. Geena's brothers have ambitions for the family business, and are moving into the lucrative but illegal world of 'moodies' - fake designer garments. What's more, their skill and competitive pricing are putting their rivals out of business, most especially the firm of East End wide boys for whom Darren and Jay are working.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35mm Kodak
Jeremy Wooding 1st Feature
David Rogers, Alex Marshall
Ben Yeates
Jeremy Wooding, Neil Spencer
Director of Photography
Jono Smith
Tony Parkinson
Steve Beresford
Principal Cast
Preeya Kalidas, James McAvoy, Ian McShane

Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Spice Factory (UK) Ltd
81 The Promenade
Brighton BN10 8LS

T 00 44 (0)1273 585 275
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Stretch Limo Productions
11 Birchfield House
Birchfield Street
London E14 8EY

Great British Films/Enterprise Films
3rd Floor, Hanover House
118 Queens Rd
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Spice Factory