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An urban thriller set around a London council estate and local run-down snooker hall, owned by one-time gangland enforcer and tough guy Ray.
A rags to riches, feel good story, following the exploits of Spencer Pryde, a gifted, inner-city kid, wasting his talents on petty crime.
Witnessing the brutal murder of his pal Denis, and finding himself in debt to drug dealing thug Ginger, Spencer’s life is spiralling out of control, until one day, a chance encounter with Chinese stranger and former eight ball pool champion Vincent Qiang presents Spencer with an opportunity to turn his life around. In order to make a new life for himself, Spencer needs to break away from the peer pressure of his friends, environment and the negative influences of his current life.
Vincent Qiang is an old friend of Spencer's father Terry. Terry is serving a lengthy prison sentence and is desperate to prevent his only son following in his footsteps. Terry manages to convince Qiang to take on the mantle of mentor for the troubled youngster. With Qiang's guidance and support Spencer makes a bid for a prestigious snooker tournament in Beijing. The reward is a place on the professional circuit.


Type of film
Running Time
107 min
Michael Elkin 1st Feature
Dean Fisher, Terri Dwyer
Executive Producer
Jeff Clarke
Leslie Healey
Michael Elkin
Director of Photography
Richard Swingle
Production Designer
Lucy Gahagan
Mario Mooney
Principal Cast
Rutger Hauer, Sam Gittins, Jamie Foreman, Adam Deacon, Luke Mably, David Yip, Terri Dwyer

Production status


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Last updated 24th September 2019

Production Company

Break Films Ltd
Terri Dwyer