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By Our Selves

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By Our Selves documents a four-day walk made by the English Poet John Clare. Toby Jones, Iain Sinclair and a Straw Bear follow in his footsteps exactly 150 years after his death. En route they bump into Macgillivray, Dr Simon Kovesi and the wizard Alan Moore. Meantime the journey is narrated by Toby’s father Freddie, a maverick actor who featured in numerous David Lynch films.

John Clare's escape from Epping Forest; an epic march through hunger and madness, is an English journey to set beside 'A Pilgrim's Progress'. Andrew Kötting, hyperkinetic camper-van captain of Gallivant, sets out in hot pursuit, dressed as a Straw Bear. Father and son, Freddie and Toby Jones, are possessed by the spirit of Clare, and locked in Beckettian embrace: one all-voice and one all-mute.

The writer Iain Sinclair watches from the shadows, Alan Moore waits like a bearded figure of fate, in Northampton and Dr Simon Kovesi hands out the medicine.

Captured in lustrous black and white photography, they discover the only truth of the road; whatever our hopes and delusions, we are always By Our Selves.

Inspired by Iain Sinclair’s Edge of the Orison and John Clare’s Journey out of Essex.


Type of film
Running Time
83 mins
HD, Super 8mm
Andrew Kötting
Andrew Kötting, Edward Fletcher
Executive Producer
Gareth Evans
Andrew Kötting, Cliff West
Andrew Kötting, Iain Sinclair
Director of Photography
Nick Gordon Smith
Philippe Ciompi
Jem Finer
Principal Cast
Iain Sinclair, Freddie Jones, Toby Jones, David Aylward, Eden Kötting, Simon Kovesi, MacGillivray, Alan Moore
Downside - Up rig
Tony Hill
Quadrocopter and additional aerials
Damian Daniel
Additional cast
Anne Caron Delion, Gareth Evans, Marcia Farquhar, Leila McMillan, Kristin O’Donnell, Jim Roseveare, Tom Sangster, Vigo, Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Production status


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Production Company

Andrew Kötting
Soda Pictures,


Soda Pictures,