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Caesar: The Ides of March

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Caesar, a gifted Roman commander is fighting in Gaul which is located in the north of the Roman Empire. He is conquering much of the territory in the north, however his political alliance is becoming undone. The triumvirate between himself, Pompey and Crassus is falling to pieces. Civil war has erupted back in Rome. Both Crassus and Pompey travel up to try and negotiate with Caesar but he remains defiant against the senate and proceeds as planned. Caesar receives these threats from the Senate back in Rome because they fear his expansionist activities will cause political problems for them personally. They are right. With Caesar unable to secure another consulship, he faces prosecution when he returns back to Rome, so he formulates a plan. He will cross the Rubicon river and march on Rome with his 10th legion.


Type of film
Running Time
34 min 48 sec
Jody Butler 1st Feature
Jody Butler
Jody butler
Jody Butler
Jody Butler, Tim Carlsen, Tom Inglis, Will Gray
Jody Butler, Richard Bedow, Greg Dombrowski
Principal Cast
Jody Butler, Andrew Rigg, Will Gray, Tim Carlsen, Tom Inglis

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