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Call Me Kate

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Katharine ‘Kate’ Hepburn was definitive and distinctive, a force of nature, a once-in-a generation talent, whose progressive and free-spirited nature defined her roles. She was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, winning a record four for Best Actress.
Her life and career were defined by stunning highs and crushing personal lows, but she also remained in control of her own story, and her distinctive defiance and enduring talent make her an icon to generations of women today. As she herself said: “I never realised until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.”
Absorb the real Kate: a woman whose formidable persona hides vulnerability, both seeking fame and hoping it answers the questions she struggles with. Radicalized by her parents, boxed in by Hollywood, constrained by gender and society’s limited expectations, and unconsciously moulded by the shadows of her past – who is Katharine Hepburn, really?
Experience an intimate revelation, the truth behind the beautiful, chiselled, public face. We celebrate a radical and pioneering woman of profound influence, who doesn’t fit into any of the ‘boxes’ expected of her. Throughout her life, she wears various female identities: daughter, sister, actress, beauty, wife, girlfriend, victim, superstar. It takes great loss and hard won insight to be happy just being Kate.
CALL ME KATE is a movie for the outcasts, the misfits, the girls and boys uncomfortable in their own skin, who don’t conform with traditional expectations. It is the universal story of how – like Kate – we must be true to ourselves, not the forces that shape us.


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Lorna Tucker
Nick Taussig, Annabel Wigoder
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