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Casanova's Complex


An anecdotal black comedy with a twist. The famous Casanova has returned from the dead. On a mission, as punishment for a lifetime of womanising and heart breaking, infamous lothario Jacques Casanova de Seingalt is forced to wander the earth in different guises and dissuade those supernaturally influenced by his Memoirs from a life such as the one he once so famously led.

Our audience meets Max Zenith an actor who has just given his final performance from the Memoirs of Casanova, Max has left a trail of broken hearts in his wake since the start of the play till it’s end, and cares little for the heartache he has caused, little does he know that a cruel retribution awaits, and that he will be faced with what for him will be the most cruel of choices. In the end our protagonist is forced to decide between having that which has given him the most pleasure in life sex and die, or abstain and live the rest of his life devoid of the pleasures of the flesh. The Casanova Complex is a look at the folly of self-love Casanova draws influence from the classic Greek Myth Echo and Narcissus. A modern day retelling of an ancient myth and a tongue-in-cheek look at narcissistic or one-sided relationships.


Type of film
Running Time
15 mins
DV Cam
Nicholas Yearwood
Nicholas Yearwood
Florian Viale
Nicholas Yearwood
Director of Photography
Nick Kaufmann
Laura Fairbanks, Yohan Forbes
Tabitha Alwyn
Principal Cast
Idris Elba, Ben Green, Amar Hussain, Catherine Locardi, Philipa Tomas, Kym Pacey

Production status


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Last updated 23rd August 2006

Production Company

EasyTiger Film