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'Club Le Monde'

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When Ali finds out that her boyfriend Mike has been unfaithful she ends their relationship. Now 'free' again she goes clubbing with her best friend but, just as they arrive, she sees Mike entering the club ahead of her. Undeterred, Ali decides to exact revenge by snogging any man she can find right under Mike's nose.

As Ali sets off on her mission to humiliate Mike, we encounter a further 30 characters all in search of a good time in Club le Monde. From Yas and Kelly who never leave the toilets as they gossip about contract killers, kissing cousins and constipation; to Anthony and Patrick, wide-eyed teenagers from the country-side, trying to score drugs and be a hit with the babes; to Mosh, the tough-nut bouncer, struggling with his sexual identity and desire to be a lawyer; to Chas who has pierced his nipples and tonight is determined to go further; to Mr. Sunglasses trying to connect in a very disconnecting kind of way; to three outrageous drag queens Tanita, Davida and Karina who realise they've come to the wrong place; to Danny, the club-owner, who gets fresh with his mate's wife and is about to get caught.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
S16mm, Fuji
Simon Rumley
Douglas Abbott, John Jaquiss
Eddie Hamilton
Simon Rumley
Director of Photography
Simon Starling
William Quinn
Principal Cast
(all ensemble credits) Daniel Ainsleigh, Annette Badland, Bruce Byron, Tom Connolly, Darcy, Thomas Fisher, Tania Emery, David Fahm, Kate Ford, Brad Gorton, Tom Halstead, Daisy Haggard, Frank Harper, Gunilla Karlsen, Andrea Lowe, Tony Maudsley, Nadine Marshall, Emil Marwa, Roddy McDevitt, Allison McKenzie, Danny Nussbaum, Lee Oakes, Tatum O’Brien, Lyndi Oliver, Indra Ove, Emma Pike, Paul Popplewell, Jay Simpson, Dawn Steele, Wendy Wason, Robert White


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Screen Production Associates
10 Courthope Road
London NW3 2LB

T (44) 020 7267 9953
F (44) 020 7267 9953


Screen Production Associates
10 Courthope Road
London NW3 2LB

T (44) 020 7267 9953
F (44) 020 7267 9953