Eran Creevy

Writer-Director Eran Creevy began his film career as a post-production runner, working his way up to assistant director roles on a variety of features. His credits include ‘Layer Cake’, ‘Scoop’, ‘Life and Lyrics’ and ‘Wimbledon’.

  • Eran Creevy

Eran Creevy

His directing career began on pop promos for Ashley Walters, Ministry of Sound and the Audio Bullies before graduating to commercials. He has recently directed his first feature film, the low-budget,urban thriller ‘Shifty’ which since its premiere at the 2008 London Film Festival has garnered plaudits from across the film industry.

What’s your connection to the British Council?
Just before I went off to become a runner in the film industry I was an events assistant at the British Council film department. One of my roles was to send films and scripts to festivals for subtitling purposes. I’d read them from cover to cover in my spare time and subsequently taught myself screenplay writing by reading the best short and feature length scripts in Britain. The British Council was my early training ground, I owe them a lot.

Any current projects?
I’ve just finished writing a screenplay called ‘Welcome to the Punch’. It’s an epic crime thriller in the mould of ‘Heat’ or ‘Infernal Affairs’. I’m keen for it not to feel parochial, so it it deals with epic themes. I want to shoot it with the visual style of Asian cinema such as ‘In the Mood for Love’ or ‘Old Boy’, with the acting style of ‘Shifty’ but with the epic scope of ‘Heat’. If I can bring the tricolour of red, white and blue, and make magenta I’ll be a happy man.

What/who originally turned you on to film?
As a kid I cheekily stayed up late and watched ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ on BBC2 in my bedroom and was amazed by the opening fifteen minutes. It was a masterclass of editing and sound design.

Career high so far?
I have two highs of equal measure. One was walking into the production office of ‘Shifty’ and seeing the actors' head shots all along one wall. These characters I’d created in my head were suddenly coming to life, it was an amazing experience. Also premiering ‘Shifty’ at the London Film Festival to an audience of 500: I just kept thinking 'How did I get here, someone’s going to rumble me in a minute'.

What was your first job in the film industry?
Running tapes around Soho for post-production houses, which means I now know central London like the back of my hand.

If I knew then what I know now…
I would say get a job on a film set  as soon as you can, by hook or by crook, lie your way in if you have to (I did). Once you’re there soak everything in, make yourself invaluable as runner, work hard and make friends, those connections become gold dust when you make your first film.

Favourite British film?
‘ Lawrence of Arabia’. The hard cut from Peter O’Toole blowing out the match to the grand vista of the orange desert is still breathtaking.

The film you wish you’d made…
‘The Empire Strikes Back’ - I love Star Wars, love the characters, the entire universe. At night I still stare at the ceiling and imagine what it would be like to direct a Star Wars movie. *Sigh*.

First film you ever saw?
I remember seeing ‘Superman II’ at the cinema and was amazed when Superman flew across Paris to save Lois Lane. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Favourite line or scene from a film?
'...Bottom line, she tries to blackmail me, I'll drop her out a higher window. Meantime, I got better fish to fry'.

Christopher Walken in ‘Batman Returns’, I don’t know why, I just always loved the way he delivered the line, and it stuck in my head.

Favourite screen kiss?
‘As Good As it Gets’, a really underrated film and didn’t even come in Empire's top 500. At the end of the film Jack Nicholson kisses Helen Hunt badly, afterwards he says 'I know I can do better' and then Jack really lays it on her. They go to the bakers and get fresh rolls at three in the morning. Not a dry eye in the house. Apart from me who's thinking about fresh rolls.

Favourite screen hero/villain?
When he says the line 'The force is strong with you young Skywalker... but you are not a Jedi yet', Darth Vader becomes the coolest cat in the galaxy.

Who would play you in the film about your life?
W C Fields.