Hong Khaou

Short Film Promotion Scheme Awardee

Hong Khaou is a filmmaker who is slowly emerging as a very exciting voice in the British filmmaking scene.

  • Hong Khaou

Hong Khaou

His film 'Spring' is the second part of a quadrilogy, followed by 'Monsoon' and 'Winter'. 'Spring' had its world premier in Sundance and was at Berlinale 2011 for the European premier. His previous short, 'Summer' also premiered in Berlin, and has gone on to win various festival awards around the world.

Your connection to the British Council?
My short film 'Spring' had it’s world premier at Sundance and went on to Berlinale film festival. It was featured in the BritFilms Catalogue, the British Council made it possible for me to travel to Sundance Film Festival, and then Berlinale Film Festival – it has been an absolutely incredible journey due to the British Council support!

Your current projects?
'Spring' is the second part of a quadrilogy, I’ve made 'Summer ' previously, and will make 'Monsoon' in Singapore later in the year and finally Winter. I’m also currently writing two feature scripts.

Who originally turned you on to film?
I started out in Fine Art and for some skewed reason I ended up in film. Film is a very popular medium and it’s one of those creative medium I tried and felt very comfortable with. I wouldn’t be a good fine artist – it feels right to be a filmmaker.

Career high so far?
Getting into Sundance and meeting Robert Redford was brilliant. Sundance was absolutely inspiring to say the least, and then getting selected for Berlin film festival for the European Premiere after, I can’t stop pinching myself.

Your first job in the film industry?
I started out as a runner for 'Black Dog', the pop video arm of Ridley Scotts’ company, eventually I got a job working for an independent film distribution company, which I’m still doing.

If I knew then what I know now…
No regrets, I can only be where I am now because of my mistakes.

Your favourite British film?
There are too many to list, the old classics were my foundation such as Hitchcock, David Lean, Michael Powell…

If you could have been involved with any film ever made…
I would like to have seen how Krzysztof Kieslowski and the Dardenne brothers’ work, from beginning to end.

First film you remember seeing?
'Emmanuelle'. I was probably 10 years old - exhilarating, forbidden and totally unforgettable.

Favourite screen kiss?
In Y Tu Mama Tambien when Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna get it on, brilliant.

Favourite screen villain?
Travis Bickle is truly amazing, I love villains who can draw sympathetic/empathy from the viewer, it’s what makes them truly compelling. I also like heroes who are flawed.

Who would play you in the film about your life?
Tony Leung.