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CREATURE is an intense, visceral and disturbing film directed by Academy Award winner Asif Kapadia (AMY) in a ground breaking, genre busting collaboration with Lawrence Olivier Award winning choreographer Akram Khan.

In a dilapidated former Arctic research station, the Creature has been unknowingly enlisted by a military brigade into a bold new experimental programme. He is being tested and experimented on by a zealous Doctor, overseen by the sensitive Captain, for his mental and physical ability to adapt to extreme cold, isolation and homesickness; all vital qualities in mankind’s proposed colonisation of the ‘final frontiers’ on earth and beyond.

When Creature meets and falls in love with Marie, a cleaner who shows him kindness and compassion, he sees a glimmer of hope. Together they dream of escape.

But the remorseless Army is led by the arrogant, violent Major who becomes obsessed with Marie and offers her passage from the doomed planet. As Marie finds herself caught between the two men, Creature begins to lose his grasp on reality with tragic consequences.

CREATURE is a beautiful, tragic tale of an outsider’s search for belonging, the insatiable desires of the powerful and the enduring hope found in human connection and compassion.


Type of film
Running Time
87 min
Asif Kapadia
Uzma Hasan
Executive Producer
Heather Clark Charrington, Daniel Alicandro, Louise Shand Brown
Sylvie Landra
Director of Photography
Daniel Landin
Production Designer
Tim Yip
Stephen Griffiths
Vincenzo Lamagna
Principal Cast
Jeffrey Cirio, Erina Takahashi, Stina Quagebeur, Ken Saruhashi, Fabian Reimair

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Last updated 5th October 2021

Production Company

Little House Productions
10 Orange Street
London WC2H 7DQ
+44 (0)7956 686 167


Cinetic Media
555 W. 25th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
+1 (212) 204 7979