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Crooked Frames

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Deep in the Scottish Highlands, thieves steal a painting the size of a double bed. They crash during their getaway, and must carry their prize into the mountains to hide.

But how did it all come to this? CROOKED FRAMES puts each crook in the frame and tells their story:

Nick is quick-witted and iron-willed. The painting will be his no matter what.

Davey is just the getaway driver. Nothing bad ever happens to the driver... Right?

Lewis only wants to help a mate. He really doesn't know what he's signed up for.

Barry just really digs the art you know.

Cat wants to escape her own dark secrets.

Trevor is spontaneous and fun loving. Even when committing acts of violence.

'Head office'. Well, that's how she's listed in Trevor's phone. Has anyone ever actually met the boss?

The strands of their stories entwine and entangle before finally tying together when they find shelter in a mountain bothy: a remote highland hovel. In the middle of nowhere everything unravels as the truth finally emerges. Each of them must face up to what they have done, and in a fight for survival, must decide what they are prepared to do next.


Type of film
Running Time
112 min
Craig Henderson, Andrew Dean 1st Feature
Craig Henderson
Christopher Brooks, Andrew Dean, Shona Munro
Executive Producer
Roshon Singh, Hywel Ball, Neris Ball, Kath McPherson, Ruth Whatling, Findlay Munro, Heather Munro, Grant Henderson
Craig Henderson
Craig Henderson, Andrew Dean
Director of Photography
Christopher Brooks
Production Designer
Kit Willmott
Chris Stanley
Stuart Douglas
Principal Cast
Fraser Sievewright, John-James Colvin, Roslyn Paterson, David Wayman, Chris Kaye

Production status


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Last updated 16th February 2021

Production Company

The Thief of Brisco
36/4 Mitchell Street
Edinburgh EH6 7AR
+44 (0)7881 305 715