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Cut Sleeve Boys

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Rice is Nice Productions Ltd.


Mel and Ash are two British Chinese gay men who studied together. After attending the funeral of Gavin, a closeted friend from their university days, they start examining the crow's feet on their faces and questioning the meaning of the labels in their wardrobes.

Mel, an aging scene queen with the ego of Norma Desmond, believes life is a beauty pageant with him always the winner. He rejects the love of Todd, a provincial boy from the Welsh valleys who moves to London to be with him, in favour of quick-fix sex to fight his insecurities. But how long can he sashay down the catwalk when his eye bags are bigger than his Gucci bags?

Ash is tired of the jaded gay scene where steroid bodies and the Atkin's diet are the only offerings on the menu. He meets Diane (a.k.a Dan) a transexual from their college days with a butch, sexy and straight looking ex army boyfriend, Ross. Ash decides the only way for him to find a real man is to cross dress. Will his foray into the wonderland of tranny burrows and tranny chasers bring him his dream man?

With an underground drag club, sex in public toilet and an all male production of the Miss Pacific Rim Beauty Pageant, Cut Sleeve Boys is a quirky stir fried journey of self discovery and a makeover of the British Chinese gay experience.


Type of film
Running Time
86 mins
Ray Yeung 1st Feature
Chowee Leow
Chowee Leow
Catherine Fletcher, Anuree DeSilva
Ray Yeung
Director of Photography
Patrick Duval
Production Designer
Malin Lindholm
Paul Turner
Principal Cast
Chowee Leow, Steven Lim, Gareth Rhys Davies, Neil Collie

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Rice is Nice Productions Ltd.
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