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Cycle Of Violence

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Kevin Miller is a young journalist who travels everywhere on his mountain bike; his 'cycle of violence' has been sent by his Belfast newspaper editor to work on its sister paper in the small country town of Crossmaheart. Jamie Milburn, his predecessor on the local paper, has disappeared, presumed dead. Arriving in the town, Miller finds that his new editor is doing little to find out what has happened to Jamie, who has now been missing for two weeks. The paper likes to sit on the fence and the editor tells Miller not to become involved. Shortly after his arrival, Miller meets Jamie's girlfriend, Marie and immediately the two of them are attracted to each other. She tells him that she believes that Jamie was killed because of a story he was working on. Despite warnings from his editor, he decides to carry out his own investigation.

With the help of police sergeant Craig, Miller unravels a web of intrigue going back over fifteen years, at the same time unlocking Marie's ghosts of the past. Undeterred by threats and physical violence, Miller pursues his investigation to the end. Finally justice is done and Miller and Marie, now in love, return to Belfast. The film, both a black comedy and a love story, was shot entirely on location in Northern Ireland, using Belfast and the towns of Banbridge, Dromore and Rathfriland to combine as the town of Crossmaheart.


Type of film
Running Time
98 mins
35mm Kodak
Henry Herbert
Alison Kerr
Director of Photography
Peter Butler
Principal Cast
Gerald Rooney, Maria Lennon
Associate Screen Writer
Colin Bateman


Production status


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