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Das Wassup

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Following the band Yo Majesty through its trials and tribulations as they are making it in the music industry... and not making it.
The band consists of three vocalists from Tampa, Florida, the producer team and record label is from the UK. The three women of the band had difficult upbringings and fought hard to establish themselves as open out lesbians.
Financial success and artistic acceptance is finally within grasp. But soon it becomes clear that things aren't harmonious among the members of the group. With rising fame their increasingly larger than life egos start clashing ever more violently. Solo career aspirations and continuous troubles with the law seriously jeopardise their tantalisingly close breakthrough.
Filmed in seven countries over three years, the film follows Yo Majesty’s turbulent journey through the music business, and closely chronicles their transformation when faced with the achievement of their dreams.


Type of film
Running Time
141 mins
Johannes Schaff 1st Feature
Johannes Schaff, Emanuel Ubert, Brian Hickey, David Alexander, Jules Gladys
Executive Producer
Jules Gladys
Johannes Schaff
Director of Photography
Emanuel Ubert, Brian Hickey, Rubens Azevedo, Johannes Schaff
Simon Phillip, Jan Blumentrath
Richard Winstanley, David Alexander
Principal Cast
Jwl, Shunda, Shon, Johannes Schaff

Production status


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Last updated 16th June 2016

Production Company

UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, US coproduction

Rosemilk Ltd Films
135A Harley Road
NW10 8AY