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Day Release


When the stress of running a large business in an increasingly competitive world became too much to bear, Jeff Baker's wife and associates conspire to have him sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983. Now, six months later, he is entitled to an informal Mental Health Review Tribunal to determine his fitness to return to society.

Initially, the panel recommend a conditional discharge that amounts to little more than granting him 'Day Release', under the foolish assumption that nothing could go wrong in one day.

But the intervening months have wreaked havoc on both his private and business life, and in his attempt to rebuild them, he is told that his parents are dead, his kids have flown the nest to join obscure cults, his wife has run off with his business partner whose embezzling tendencies have resulted in the total collapse of their company which is now being controlled by their former accountant, under his deceptive guise as The Official Receiver.

As Jeff accumulates the evidence that is to prove that both he and his wife have been misled, manipulated, cheated and lied to, he acquires a string of witnesses who all, without exception, suffer from one form of phobia or another. In effect, he comes to realise what the medical profession has known all along, that everyone in the world is neurotic, it's just that some of these neuroses, such as an obsession with money, have become generally approved of by society.


Type of film
Running Time
92 mins
Digi Beta
Charlie Gauvain
Martin Darvill, Sir Nicholas Bonsor
Director of Photography
Andy Murray
Principal Cast
Simon Green, Manouk van der Meulen, Elaine Hallam, Sarah Withe, Fiona Christie and Garth Bardsley
Executive Screen Writer
Tim Purcell


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