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Edinburgh. Best friends Jed, Anna and Eve are closer than family and can't image a world in which the others aren't there to share the heartache and happiness of their lives. Now, Jed is in trouble.

Investors in his nightclub want their money back and he can't pay up. At the same time, his girlfriend Anna is tiring of a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. She meets pornographer Perrot whose jet set lifestyle seems to offer her a way out. Charmed by his promises, she auditions for his next erotic film.

Eve has problems of her own. Crippled by the past, she drives through long, dark nights listening to tapes of conversations with her analyst, desperately seeking the strength to break free from the grip of the arms dealing family who oppose her hedonistic lifestyle. When her brother arrives for a final showdown, she decides to take direct action against their impossible demands.

Jed seeks his escape in a short lived relationship with the beautiful but unbalanced Emily who sees him as a kindred spirit in a hostile world. Trying to make sense of the chaos of their lives, the ties of friendship unravel as they all realise that things must change. Only by confronting the legacy of the past are they free to embrace the possibilities that come when night ends and daybreak dawns.


Type of film
Digi Beta
Bernard Rudden
Rainer Kolm
Executive Producer
Rainer Kolm
Bernard Rudden
Director of Photography
Jean Jacques Bouhon AFC
Marvin Black
Mathew Herb
Principal Cast
Diane Bell, Flash, Gaynor Purvis


Production status


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Last updated 17th June 2010

Production Company

Basilisk Communications Production
Contact: Jim Hickey
3rd Floor, 26 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ

T 020 7690 0117
F 020 7690 4333