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Days and Nights In An Indian Jail

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Set inside Tihar Central Jail in Dehli and shot over a period of a year, this film looks at life inside the jail focusing on a handful of characters. Raymond from London is on remand and is accused of smuggling 70 kgs of heroin. If convicted he would face the next 10 years in Tihar.

Lakshmi is in the women's part of the prison, serving life for the murder of her husband's mistress. She thinks about him all the time, even though he has not visited her for six years.

Bhabhuti, his wife, Prempatta and their son, Rama Shankar are all serving a life sentence for a death in the family. Prempatta's youngest daughter, Pushpa, also lives with her mother in the prison. But Puspha's future is uncertain as she is at an age when she must leave jail. There is a choice of either sending her to the village or to a boarding school where a charity has found a place for her. The film charts the conflicts that arise in the family as Pushpa's time of departure approaches.

The pressures of life in Tihar are movingly captured in this engaging documentary.


Type of film
Running Time
63 mins
Beta SP
Sunandan Walia, Yugesh Walia
Ros Franey
Executive Producer
Ros Franey
Yugesh Walia, Mark Burgess
Director of Photography
Yugesh Walia
Sunandan Walia

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Enboard Productions Ltd
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