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Dead Bolt Dead

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Somewhere in the countryside, an assassin slips into a country mansion with orders to kill its aged occupant. Somewhere in the city, a wounded thug blasts his way into a flat and takes a husband and wife hostage.

The old man in the mansion is a legendary crime Boss who has just made the fatal mistake of ordering the elimination of the rival gang. Betrayed by one of his own, his men have been rounded up in a bloody ambush. One of his thugs escapes and follows the Driver of the winning side back to his flat. Desperate to stay alive, the thug knows he will have to swap sides. His hostage, the driver, is his way in.

The Assassin has no intention of killing the Boss quickly; he's intrigued by this legend. He delays . . . to have a chat . . . to have a smoke . . . but little does he know what he's getting into. It is not the first time the Boss has stared down the barrel of a gun; at first he bides his time listening to this cowboy, just waiting for the right moment to start playing his own games.

Bleeding badly from a bullet in the shoulder, the Thug thinks he has found safety with the Driver and his Wife. However, the Driver is not all he seems and is in just as much danger as the Thug. Seeing events spiral out of control, the Wife decides to take matters into her own hands.

These stories are interwoven in a film about the necessity to keep talking in the face of death, even if you are the one holding the gun.


Type of film
Running Time
90 min
35mm Kodak
James Rogan 1st Feature
Etienne De Villiers, Anita De Villiers
Colette Hodges
Director of Photography
Tom Wright
Paul Berry
Edmund Butt
Principal Cast
Neil Stuke, James Laurenson, Ariyon Bakare, Ronnie McCann, Monique De Villiers
Executive Screen Writers
Paul De Villiers

Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

It's Alright Ma Productions
Contact: Staffan Tollgard
Flat 4
22 Bolton Gardens
London SW5 0AQ
Tel: 020 7460 9168
Fax: 020 7373 0994


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