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Different League: The Derry City Story

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Derry, 1984. In a city divided by violence and trauma, Derry City football team had been exiled from the national league for 13 years. When four ex-footballers realised their city had lost its joy, they set out to achieve the impossible in persuading the Republic of Ireland to allow them to play across the border – becoming the first team in the world to play in another country’s league. This is the story of how they did it and the extraordinary seasons that followed. It transformed how the world saw Derry and how the city saw itself.


Type of film
Running Time
90 min
Guy King
Rachel Hooper
Executive Producer
Ivana MacKinnon, Mike Connolly, Jonathan Smith
Director of Photography
Mark McAuley

Production status


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Last updated 9th April 2021

Production Company

State of Grace Films
39 Deramore Drive
+44 (0)7889 798 332

Co-Production with:
Stray Bear
18 The Glasshouse Studios, Fryern Court Road, Fordingbridge, England, SP6 1QX
+44 7932 493697