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Kate is feeling frustrated with her life, her mental health is also not helping as she keep getting seizures and visions of someone who looks just like her. Her double’s name is Hannah and she is all that Kate has ever aspired to be: a successful executive in a huge pharmaceutical company. One night, Kate is overcome by dizziness and she wakes up on Hannah’s floor. Hannah’s brother Jack arrives, Kate tries to explain that she is not Hannah, but Jack is convinced that his sister is having one of her psychotic episodes. Later that night she encounters a scientist called Doctor Solomon, who explains to her that in a mysterious way Hannah managed to switch their dimension to save herself from an attempt murder. He promises Kate her that if she finds out who tried to murder Hannah he will be able to return them both to their own worlds. Kate assumes Hannah’s identity so that she can catch the murderer. It dawns on her that she has several strong suspects: an addicted brother, an abusive boyfriend and a harasser boss.


Type of film
Running Time
96 min
Barbara Toschi 1st Feature
Jason Fité, Barbara Toschi
Executive Producer
Uday Akella
Lachlan Smith
Jason Fité
Director of Photography
Tim Jolly
Production Designer
Hedvig Kovacs
Nick Grant, Paul Maunder
Marco Werba
Principal Cast
Sophie Craig, Andrew Norman, Derek Nelson, Kierath Jandoo

Production status


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Last updated 20th May 2022

Production Company

Peracals Productions Ltd