About the Directory

This database is being constantly maintained to bring you up-to-date filmographies of contemporary British feature film directors

To be listed in the Directors Directory, you will need to have either:

- directed at least one feature film which has received a UK-wide theatrical release (showing in at least 5 cinemas)
- had a feature film in official selection at a FIAPF accredited festival. You can find these highlighted in our Directory of International Film and Video Festivals, or check on the FIAPF website.

If you're a British director who fits the criteria, please email us your filmography including years of production, agent details, awards, website links and a photo of yourself to films@britishcouncil.org.

We aim to make this database comprehensive and accurate but mistakes are always possible. If you are listed on the database and would like us to rectify an error or update your contact details please email films@britishcouncil.org.