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Brutal cop, DS Mike Blake is no stranger to violence. He finds himself caught in a web of conspiracy, corruption, deceit and murder when investigating the cold case of a Politician’s missing daughter. If he solves the case, the elite in power will make sure he won’t be prosecuted for the death in custody of a young black teenager. Solving the case will lead to his redemption, but ultimately he could pay the price and his life will spiral into a deeper hell. Which leads him to a Rock Star who has sold his soul to the Devil, and Gangsters who want to protect a secret.

A multi-layered neo-noir thriller, peeling away to reveal the dark conspiracies in today’s society. A Very British Thriller set in the backdrop of a bloody scandal that has rocked the Government. The Police, Politicians & the Underworld fear the rise of anger against them in the Streets & will do anything in their power to suppress it.


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
Andrew Tiernan
Shona McWilliams
Nick Reynolds
Executive Producer
Andrew Tiernan, Barr B. Potter
Shona McWilliams
Andrew Tiernan
Director of Photography
Marac Kolodzinski
Nick Reynolds, Edward Rose
Principal Cast
Andrew Tiernan, Ann Mitchell, Wayne Norman, Frank Boyce, Shona McWilliams, Ramon Tikaram, Nick Reynolds, Mark Wingett, Peter Lovstrom, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Jo Martin, Sean Cernow, Ricky Grover, Jessica Henwick

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